Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance

Explore the social and cultural heritage of this fascinating city. The cultural history of a region is truly what distinguishes one city, one country from another. This book offers a deeper awareness of Buenos Aires to the tourists who have made this Argentine capital a premier destination.

Retaining a cosmopolitan, almost mythical old world presence, Buenos Aires exudes mystery and heartache along its tree-lined cobblestone streets shadowed by crumbling facades where the sounds of tango glide through the air.

Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance is not a guidebook but a companion that reveals the rich history of the city's charming barrios, which are fabled for their extraordinary architecture.

Lessons Learned Through Forgery: A Novel

Lessons Learned Through Forgery portrays a circle of artists entangled in a forgery scheme. The story unfolds against the backdrop of contemporary Buenos Aires as the city recovers from economic collapse.

Federico runs an unorthodox, late-night workshop in a decrepit warehouse where his disciples include Andrea, an aspiring curator frustrated with her job in a museum, and Daniel, a flamboyant painter with a taste for party drugs and passing his spare time in an anarchist archives nestled in a rundown barrio on the southern edge of Buenos Aires.

Accusations and deceits swirl in attempts to avoid a violent encounter with a South American crime syndicate.